Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-04-28 10:48:52 (UTC)

push, pull elements

today was like any other really.

i woke up around noon, waited for
the mail to come.

nothing did. so, i went out, sent
some mail out, letters mainly, and
then went for breakfast, and some
time around 5ish, i went for an
oil change on my car

so, while I was waiting for my oil
change, i wandered around the mall,
went into Chapters, looked at a few
books, read a bit of Tolstoy, and
some of Harry Harrison.

i don't know why, but i just felt as
though it was a productive day. even
though I didn't do anything.

then, i went off to see the new Denzel
movie, pretty fucking good. even had a
quick game of vtes with tom, then came
home, rented Underworld, and both of
"the goddess" movies, Tomb Raider, I
know, I know. They're wastes of celuloid
but, hell, it's Angelina.

so, anyways. that was my day.