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2004-04-28 07:59:46 (UTC)

Nature's Wonder's

As i was traveling down the wind Winding dirt roads why
out in the wilderness.. Much of mother nature to be seen..
Some of the animals crossing paths. Seeking refugde. I see
crossing my path. Like the deers. I wonder but graceful
animal.. There is one spicific bird that crosses my path
which i believe is a ravon and everytime i see the bird it
is telling me that someone will be hurt or danger ahead..
Listening to nature and the animals will teach you more
than life itself in ways.. When i felt lonely i went to
the woods to feel freedom and to hear natures sounds. The
water falls bursting down around the bends.. Was breath
taken. It was a wonderful day to see and to share feelings
and expressions. and again thanking my Omega.. how beauty
is all around us.. and its all up to us to take care of
it... love and light.