Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-04-28 07:34:49 (UTC)

unrequetted lust, love & desire

hopeless romantic, am I, oh yes.


i really, really, want to have you
i really, reaaly, want you to want me
i really, really, need someone to love

but, you don't want me do you? I doubt,
that I intimidate you, other than I talk
way too much, I have issues, and I'm make
for a lousy human being.

in the dark despair of your life, you've
seen the farthest reaches that is has to
offer. but, there is light, you ignore it
i think, perhaps some ill was wrought on
you, and now the world holds no joy.

It's not surprising really, I know that,
you know that. you don't love, you try,
but all you get in return is pain.

i reach out to you, you don't respond
i touch your heart, but it doesn't skip
i make you laugh, but you don't smile

where will you be? keep running. it's
what you know, i can see this, i can
relate to it. just don't run from me,
unless i scare you. which i think I do.

it wouldn't be the first time, i doubt
it will be the last either.

come fly with me, dance the nights away

take a risk, you never know.

why dont you come with me?

here's my hand, reaching

take it..