Kitten's deams
2004-04-28 06:40:29 (UTC)

Part two

I stepped up behind him and ran my hands down his back.
He turned to smile at me. God I love his smile. When he
smiles the world is right. He looked me over and just
shook his head. My hair was still quite wet and dripping
so I went to grab another towel from the bathroom. I
wrapped it arround me and walked back to the music.

The sound of music mixed with the soft patter of rain made
me smile. I cast a dreamy look towards him and started to
look for some socks. My feet always got cold. I caught
him looking at me as I was stuggling to put them on
without falling over. I got distracted and ended up on
the bed anyways. I shot him a sour look and then cracked
up. I finished putting on my socks as I felt him kneel on
the bed behind me.

I turned to look at him and my breath was taken away. He
looked amazing. I felt myself leaning forward, before I
could stop myself I was tasting his neck. God he tasts
good. If I close my eyes I can bring that taste back. I
savored the moment and when I turned to look at him, he
had his eyes closed and was lost slightly in the feeling.
I ran my nose along the curve of his neck and smiled to
see how hemoved towards me.