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2004-04-28 04:27:22 (UTC)

la de dah da da

hey evry 1..well hmm very interesting 4 the past
week...well lets jus say im startin 2 care less! 2 really
think about it i only have 2 real friends thats actually
been there...so whatever,ur mad at me...go 4 it,be mad! umm
as 4 me & julian,hes commin in 3 weex,yay! but ya if things
work hes gunna move here when hes 18.so thatll b the best
thing in this world! ne who..lots of drama 4 the past few
dayz! not 2 worried about it 2much bout the ppl. who r
mad,but if u hurt my friends hellz naw thats goin 2 far,dun
fuck w/ them.mmmmmmm cant wait till i go 2 tahoe! hang out
w/ julian 4 the summer then leave!ive been playin
basketball,havent played in a long time so jus bringin bak!
what else,i talked 2 lessa 2day bout sum shit &
problems,dunno...but shes doin better! saw sumthin in the
hallway 2day which was shocking but whoooooo! lol! ne who
ima get goin cuz im tired as hell!

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