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2004-04-28 02:41:44 (UTC)

Work is killing!!!

Dear friend...whoa! I have never been this swamped! It was
hell...I have never had these many emails and issues all
together...not to forget that I still have that blessed
report to finish before I leave tomorrow! I still have
pending emails from today that needs to be answered! How
am I gonna cope up with this tomorrow? I am going to be
really cranky...better stay away from me!!!

Do I have a choice? I guess not! What I dont understand is
why does she give these stupid spreadsheets to me?? She
knows I have 1500 files lying behind me!!! She has stupid
deadlines to meet on the spreadsheets but doesnt she see
that I want to get the files behind me taken care of?? I
am getting behind with my important files!!! Urgghh...!!
As the saying goes "Boss is always right" BULL!

Any managers or bosses reading m, your
employees know much more than you do at times!!! :@

Oh well, I think I should not whine right now...I have a
good job security when there are people who are being
given lay offs and can not find work...

What else? I dont think I have anything much going on in
my life...Its boring...I need a vacation...I want to go to
New York, Florida, San Francisco and many other places but
before I visit all these places I got to go to Dubai, stay
there for a few days, live my life the way I wanted to and
then come back to start afresh leaving behind
everything...I need to wash away every memory of that
place...we will see if that happens any soon...yeah right!

Keep hopin for the best :) Think positive and things will

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