Umm my diary
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2004-04-28 01:57:44 (UTC)


TUESDAY!~*~well today started off ok..i woke up around
11*30 and it
felt great to sleep in!! i decided to get online so I could
write in my thing from yesterday.. well i was online adn i
got a call from Jordans cell phone..i was like hey are u in
school amd he was all like yes so i waslike cool...well we
were talkin for awhile then all of a sudden outta knmow
where he was like i lied im like ok bout what he waslike
bout and then all of a suden some one burst threw the front
door and it was him!! i was so excited and happy!he waslike
haha i got u soo bad! i looked so horrible but oh well it
was cool how he came and suprised me.. welll after that he
wnet home so he could go and fix his car..well i got in the
shower adn waited for Gabs to call back..well she finaly
did adn we just talked.. iwas waiting for jordan and cody
to come over cuz they were bringin my work permit cuz me
and katie adn amanda had orientation today at
ponderosa..well they finaly came and we just chilled for a
while. well then manda nad Katie came and got me and we
went.. as we where driving we seen austen adn joe..yeah so
anywasy we wher 15 min late to are thing but oh well it was
ok..so after that we went to walmart taret adn some flower
place..afterthatthey brought me home adn i talked togabs
and jordan on the phone that was cool..now im oline adn im
soo tired and i have nothign else towrite bout so yeah im
out bye .....

~*~oh jordan~*~ ur dream wasnt bad at all!!! and it wasnt
weird either!! so dont worry!!!:)i liked it!

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