Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-04-28 01:39:32 (UTC)


hey ppl. janet broke up with rick. she told me it was b.c
of distance and the fact that she sees him as more of a
friend then anything else. me and her both agree hes a
little cutie...but she thinks of him more as a friend and
i consider him a brother.
as to the title of this entry. im scared. im scared of
meeting codys mom on saturday and of prom itself. i mean I
wont kno anyone...cept cody. i mean rick dont even go to
that school so i wont kno anyone but cody. idk. i just
wanna live up to the way cody talks about me all the time.
i just wonder if im really that special that he has to
talk about me all the time. iono. he'll prolly yell at me
for that statement but its kinda tru. im not all that
special. whats special about me? im just like everyone
else. i just needed help for the past year. idk
everything for prom is set. im going bowlin tomorrow after
school, then thursday is Joshy *cousins* preformance in
school *instrument* and then friday is just me gettin
ready for saturday. lol im going over to codys early. my
rents get to meet his the same time i get to meet them. oh
great. *sarcasim* oh well. things will go ok.

im gonna go.