2004-04-28 00:47:13 (UTC)


A fear is a feeling of anxiety caused by the presense of
something you consider a danger. In my opinion, I am
fearless. I drive my car at speeds people are scared to, I
weave in and out of traffic like I am invincible. At
school, I cheat knowing the fact I could get caught and
suspended. I stole a street sign with a few friends
knowing it was a felony. Today, I climbed out onto the roof
of our new house, which is 2 stories high, and went to the
edge to get something. I lie to my parents knowing I could
get caught and in major trouble. I tell people what I
think about them knowing they could hate me, which has
happened several times. When I was little I was known
as "The Tazmanian "dare" devil" because I was always on the
run, doing things I wasn't supposed to, ramping my bike off
hills in our backyard, riding a tricycle (when i was like
12 mind you) down the huge hill in our yard and ran into
the swing set, built a zip line from my swing set to my
house (got in a little bit of trouble for that one). I
convinced my sister and neighbor to break into the
abandoned house next door (when we lived in Ohio) to see if
it was really haunted. Nothing phases me, and I think twice
about nothing. But recently, I am not the fearless person I
thought I was. I do fear ONE (and only one) thing in life.
and that is being alone. Having no one. I hate the way it
feels to. So reluctantly came to the realization that I am
now living my one and only fear... and i will tell you one
thing, fearing something isn't a fun thing to go through
alone, how ironic is that... :(