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2004-04-28 00:07:27 (UTC)

Good afternoon all

I have a couple of things I wrote last week that I should post here, but I
will have to do that another time. Right now I am in the lab again. This
time I am printing out some stuff. No, I'm not here to meet up with
anyone, I already ran into him earlier.

I would like to say this has been a good week, but so far it has been
really long. I know it's only been a day and a half, but it feels like a
week. Yesterday I had Illustration class and it dragged on and on
forever. It's a 3 hour class but it felt more like 4 or 5 hours.

The nice thing was that after I got home from class both Derrick and
Chris were online. I had a bit to drink and had a bit too much fun
talking with Chris. Nothing sexual this time, but it could have gone that
way if he didn't get offline.

I just had a simple conversation with Derrick. It is nice to have friends
like him. We chat about dull everyday life stuff. Also he showed me a
pic of what he looks like. It occurs to me that I've been talking to him
for months and didn't know what he looks like. I do have to say he is
handsome. He has a little of that geeky charm.

I talked to Dave a bit yesterday I think it was. On Sunday John and I ran
into Dave and his ex Elissa at the store. So Dave was asking how I was
doing since I didn't look so excited on Sunday.

I am doing better than I was. On Friday I wanted to run off the road on
my way home. I know that is a terrible thing to admit, but it's true. The
whole day I felt like I was observing myself from a far. It was a little
creepy but I made it through ok.

John and I went out to ice cream with Jay and his friend Melissa. We got
the cool kind where they mix it up for you. I hadn't had that in quite a
while. We went out to pizza afterwards. That's typical people in my
family. They want dessert first and then dinner after.

Sunday I went all over trying to find plastic animals for a photo I needed.
That is why John and I were in the turn lane...we happened to be right
behind Dave and some girl. I was hoping it wasn't Elissa, but luck was
not on my side. Inside the store we chatted for a bit. She was ok then,
but I still don't like her that much.

I guess I don't like people who make my friends depressed. At first I was
worried the girl wasn't Elissa. I am not sure I want see him with another
girl for a while. Just something inside me says that. It's not jealosy if
that's what you're thinking.

I don't know what it is, but I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Chris and I were talking about love last night. I mentioned that I care
deeply for him. Which I honestly do. Anyway, we also talked about how
I have a hard time telling Dave that. I mean I care for him deeply, but I
haven't exactly told him. The other night I managed to blurt out that I
love him like a good friend, but that I think has less of an impact.
Saying I care deeply for you is a more powerful statement in my eyes.
Maybe that's just me.

I printed out one thing so far. I have two more that I would like to get
printed. And hopefully I won't be in here too long. I know there is a
class tonight at 6 so I have 50 minutes to print. Ugh! Guess I'll get back
to watching the printer.