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2004-04-27 23:37:44 (UTC)


Tday we had to take this stupid test!!! It was so gay!!! I
went all day without seeing my boyfriend!!! I got to
finally see him after school though. He was kissing me
alot and squeezing my butt. I really like it when he does
that, it makes me feel sexy!!LOL!! My best friend is
grounded and i can't talk to her. The worst thing is that
she says she hates Jenny but she is always with her!!! It
gets on my nerves but i mean it's her life. She has been
going to counsuling because she got caught cutting
herself. I used to do that but it was foe very bad things
nad so dis she, but now it's for evry little thing!!! Well
i still love her!! next week is cinco de mayo and i have
to sing in front of most of the town. I just wish alex (my
boyfriend) and amanda (my best friend)will be there to
support me.Amanda is going with Jenny to a concert in San
Antonio (blink-182). I wish i could go but my mom won't
let me and plus i have to sing on that day for cinco de
mayo. I can't stop thinking about my boyfriend. He is so
cute!! I actually love him. I hate my dad, not really, but
i really dislike him! He treats me like crap and yells at
me for the stupidest reasons. He always hits me and
especially slaps me with the guitar chords. I play guitar
and love to sing!!! Well that's enough for today!! ADIOS!!

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