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2004-04-27 22:07:55 (UTC)

Happy birthday 2 u!


Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday to you..Happy
birthday dear wilson..Happy birthday to you..Hip hip
hooray! :-)! woo! well its Wilsons bday as u mite of
guessed so i thot i wud mention him ma diary! :-) Happy
birthday Hunni! getting old now eh? :-P! Ive already told u
bout Wilsons on Friday as we were all there for his lil
bday celebration! His 'Story of the Year' ticket aint came
thro yet but it says it mite not cum in till 7 - 10 before
the gig! so yeh! Graeme u shall b waiting :oP..

Well i mentioned in ma diary before that i was getting
polka dot shoes for a wedding im going to..but iv already
got them! woo! ma dad got me them coz i wanted them
and..its ma cousins communion thing on Saturday so i needa
go 2 that..oh the fun..watching paint dry may b slightly
more interesting tho..but shit..wat can u do?
Nite time shud b good tho..coz its Jamie Mcgees party so
we're heading 2 there..maybe get a little bit drunk but i
mite b good n not drink! O:-)! -- thats ma halo btw! Lmao!

Well not that much's been happening apart from the stuff iv
already told ya! but dya kno what i thot 2day .. "Emo" is
such a good word! jus the word! it kiks ass! :-P! Leesha
the "Emo" chik! hehe..i wonder if Leesha actually likes to
be called the "Emo" chik..! anyhoo! Hope ye hav fun at FFAF
toots! - x adios x -