Umm my diary
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2004-04-27 16:32:36 (UTC)

the Dr's:(

Monday~*~well i had to go to the docotors today cuz of my
arm.I thought i broke it or at least sprained it really
bad..so i went to the drs and nothign was wrong..just
bruisded but i dotn think he knows what he is takin bout
cuz it really hurts and there is a lump..so whatver..well
when i got home i noticed that Jenny had called me adn i
was so excited but then i was mad cuz i missed her call..i
never really thouhht she would call em but i guess i was
wrong adn thats cool with me.. i really want to hang out
with her sometime she seems cool.. but anywasy after that
me and jordan went to go and get his tux FINALLY!its cute
buti dont relaly rember whatit looked like but oh
well....so after that we went and bought some kites.. they
were fun to fly but then i ended up break in
it.hehehe..well after that we wentot the store adn went to
wendys that was good!then we came here adn jordan had to
leave! that was sad!! wel layter

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