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2004-04-27 15:29:19 (UTC)

April 27th 10:14 AM

I was sick yesterday and i'm sick today. But last night I
was on the phone with jillienne and rachel and
someone called on my other line so i checked it (der)
and came back but didn't say anything and rachel was
saying how i get mad easily and i got pretty sad but i
was thinking about it and i donno. I only get mad about
music because i HATE when people just say they like
someone cause it's a fad or it's 'cool' because i grew
up with the music i listen to now and everyone NOW is
starting to love it out of no-where and i donno i get really
protective or whatever of it. I don't know why but
everyone has something close to them and mine is
music. I like keeping MY music that no one knows to
myself and maybe jillienne and rachel. you prolly think
ima freak now.... oh well i don't care what people think
anymore. I feel sick gotta go

My Mood: SICK