u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-04-27 14:59:14 (UTC)

moving WHERE?!

ok so now the two most closest(if i can say that) people
to me EVER are possibly leaving town...4 good. and theres
a large chance that i will never see them again...ellen
CANT leave me now! not after i jus completley opened up
and spilled my guts to her bout EVERYTHING she now probly
knows more about me then ANYONE and paul...whoa damn, all
hell will break loose in my house if he goes 2 virginia
cuz my parents know id b on the next flight down in a
heartbeat to live with my uncle dennis and aunt valarie.

but anyway....hmmm what have i been up to...omg the
concert on saturday was sooo good! martina was amazing! as
much as i loved her before, i love her even more now! who
cares if i went with my mom, aunt, and stylist I SAW
MARTINA!...sure i had to sit through an hour of alan
jackson for it but he wasnt too bad ethier. a little
twangy but not bad. so i got home at midnight and then
talked to paul so i didnt fall asleep till bout 1am and
then of course my dad made a huge breakfast sunday and
what does he do to wake me up at 9:00 am? why he sets off
the fire alarms.....5 times before i called the house fone
from my cell fone in my room to tell him i was still guna
sleep and to knock it off. but i had to get up anyway for
dirtbiking. that wuz CRAZY FUN. but we got pulled over by
the cops cuz i guess they changed a law and if u r 12-15 u
have to have a safety class certificate yo be riding so
now i have to take the 8 hour class b4 i can ride
again...gr8 and then last night was the movies wit paul,
we saw 13 going on 30 and it was sooo cute! but anywayze
im guna bounce now and go do nothin lol

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