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2004-04-27 12:35:53 (UTC)

old blog

26th April 2004 08:36am (This post is published)


I crawled into "bed" set my alarm clock (so I don't sleep
the day away), and then proceeded to put my alarm clock
face down on the ground, because the light from the clock
makes it hard for me to sleep. While laying down, I felt
something fall on the covers. I have like, several million
posters tacked up on my wall, so I just thought, "I bet my
Jet Li poster fell down,I don't know about you, but the
first thing I have to do in these situations is go to the
bathroom. So, I stumble across my extremely messy room,
stepping on one of my eyeshadow cases and a Ramune soda
bottle (you know, those cool Japanese sodas with the marble
in the bottle). Turning on the light, I realized there was
no poster on my bed. Curious as to what could have fallen
on my bed, I shake my covers a little bit and a cockroach
comes out!.I'm usually not afraid of cockroaches. It's just
that one was in my room. I remember trying to see how many
cockroaches I could kill during class in school oh well
time for bed

26th April 2004 12:11am (This post is published)


Review of Run 2 U

Title(s) AKA: Run 2U; Run To You
Film Director(s): Kang Jeong-Su
Released: 2003 [Korea]
Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Romance

Involved in a complicated love triangle, the three young
people living at the edge of life are about to make life-
and-death decisions in "Run 2 U" (2003) directed by Kang
Jung-soo, a Korean movie gathering the talents from both
Korea and Japan.The Korean-Japanese Hiroshi (Takahashi
Kazuya) is a timid young man working in a club in Tokyo who
dreams of becoming a singer one day. His best friend of the
same origin Tsuyoshi (Yamashita Tetsuo) acts like his
brother but lose secretly his heart to Hiroshi. As a member
of the Japanese Mafia Yakuza, the hot-tempered Tsuyoshi
used to be loyal until Hiroshi is one day beaten up by
Yakuza because he has stood up for another Korean-Japanese
being bullied. Tsuyoshi then takes his revenge on Yakuza in
terms of betrayal including stealing the group's money from
illegal drug traffic and killing his eyesore.Hiroshi and
Tsuyoshi, after fleeing to Seoul Korea, are leading a risky
life until Hiroshi meets Kyung-ah (Chae Jung-ahn) at a
club. The Korean girl used to indulge herself into alcohol
and cigarettes manages to find some peace and quiet from
Hiroshi's soothing songs which pull these two lonely souls
closely together. But now Tsuyoshi's jealousy starts to

25th April 2004 11:17am (This post is published)



Chinese heritage is an integral part of Bendigo. From the
gold rush to present day, the Bendigo Chinese community has
influenced the proud history of Bendigo - from its
tradition of charitable works for local hospitals to its
spectacular displays in the Bendigo Easter Fair.The Golden
Dragon Museum is a living history of the Chinese people of
Bendigo from the gold rush of the 1850's to present day.

Having become the hub of the Chinese cultural activity in
Australia, the museum allows visitors to experience first-
hand Chinese arts and crafts with visiting artisans and
trades people.Central to the permanent display are Sun
Loong, the longest imperial dragon in the world (over 100
meters), and Loong, the oldest imperial dragon in the
world, previously only viewed by visitors to Bendigo's
Easter Fair, but now available to the public all year round.

One of the many highlights of the Golden Dragon Museum is
the brightly colored Tea Room, situated next to the gift
shop with plenty of seating catering for tours and large
groups of people.The gift shop at the Golden Dragon Museum
has a fine range of different gifts that you can purchase
some of them include: Chop Sticks, Cane
Umbrellas ,T/Shirts ,Dragon Heads , Fans ,
Statues ,Postcards and many other wonderfull items.

Based on the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the architecture
and construction of the gardens is authentic in every
way.Within the walls of this garden, there are a
magnificant group of statues. They are known as the Eight
Immortals - Ba Xian, always featured as a group for good
luck they represent the eight conditions of life - poverty,
wealth, plebeianism, aristocracy, age, youth, masculinity
and femininity.

Built to resemble the imprerial gardens in Bejing, the Yi
Yuan (Garden of Joy) is an oriental oasis created to
capture the essence of chinese culture and life. A chinese
garden is an intimate place of rest and contemplationm,
inspired by nature, a garden is man-made to complement the
essence and beauty of nature herself. A garden is a living
exhibit.The Bendigo Guan Yin Temple is the very first
temple built to honour the Goddess of Mercy in Australia.
The official consecrations of this temple took place on
30th November 1996, following the customs and traditions of
the Bendigo Chinese.Guan Yin's birthday is on the 19th of
March each year, this is celebrated in Bendigo and throught
Asia, particularly in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Taiwan and China

Visit there website:

25th April 2004 05:11am (This post is published)


I apologize for not posting the past couple of days. I have
been busy with some outside interests and at nighttime been
drawing.it was freezing cold outside all weekend.today is
cold, that's how I want to remember it cold, with brilliant
early winter afternoon what is cold.I went to my life
drawing class this weekend on saturday.The life drawing
classes and working from a live model were invaluable to
me. It helped to loosen me up in my line work for my art
work.I do alot Portraits, Figurative stuff in my work.any
way iam off now to see what out there in cyberspace

22nd April 2004 01:14am (This post is published)


Myfavorit fashion designer is Long Feng was first
established in 1957 in Shanghai. Since then the company has
been maintaining the tradition of designing and tailoring
high quality Chinese garments. It has kept up with the
fashion trends all the way through almost half a century
and has great experience at the same time it has been
continually introducing new and contemporary designs
combined with its conventional Chinese style to its

Those dresses are so beautiful! I love that the prices are
low for the high quality tailorship.below is one I really


22nd April 2004 12:05am (This post is published)


doing some homework, hence why i am doing my blog.is so
weird i dont even know why im writing this but thats what a
blog is for.i am a spoiled princess whose Going out for
pizza tonight and seeing great movie tonight Tarantino film
Kill Bill vol 2 stars UMA THURMAN (below) she wear a yellow
bruce lee track suit and look great in it(must get
one),best part DAVID CARRADINE will play bill cant wait

just going to have some pizza for dinner then watch the
movie.he's a nice guy ask me out, I'm not really sure if I
like him as a boyfriend or not.It's a good sit back, relax
and take your mind off things when with someone like
Hiroshi who down to earth and make me largh.Yipee.... I'm
seeing great film with great guy.

Here is pic of Hiroshi

21st April 2004 11:01am (This post is published)


I still can’t sleep. It’s two in the morning and I’m not
even tired. I think there’s something seriously wrong with
me now *grumble grumble*. It’s strange how lonely it gets
at 2 o’clock in the morning. Now I know why most people
sleep through it, and why I try to sleep far past it
normally. The house is so quiet, no one else except for me
has been inside it for the past nine hours. It’s strange,
really. I’m not used to being this alone for this long.I
was sitting at my computer, chatting on yahoo.back in we
rode the same bus to school I didn go out on my first date
until i was fourteen when i got ask i got embarrassed and
shy and scoot to the other side of bus.my first kiss was
shy tentative kiss was at parents front door.Still remenber
it so well

21st April 2004 06:56am (This post is published)


True meaning.

by kitten

Look at me what do you see?
Am I real or just a dream?
Am I something that you need?
Or just an image of me?
And if you stare into the fire too long,
Is the flame strong?

If every drop of rain stayed in the sky
Would the world just die?
Or if revolved around a different sun
Would our lives half began?

Look at me what do you see?
Am I real or just a dream?
Am I something that you need?
Or just an image of me?

21st April 2004 04:49am (This post is published)


Today was hard to get out of bed for school, because yet
again I stay up chatting to my online friend. So when the
sun finely rise and the birds start to sing I knew I had
only hour more left of my sleep. I took off my pyjamas I
heard for the shower and the toilet. Nothing beats a hot
shower when you need wake in morning. While I was eating
breakfast my dad said he would give me left to school. My
dad and I have smiler taste in music you could say I love
the rock and roll from Vietnam War era, what you find in a
lot movies about Vietnam War and my father like it.
School the place I wish wasn’t at today. I had given a
talk in English class about last term txt book we read as a
class. Each person had 10 mins to talk about it. Well for
me doing talk first thing in morning is like shooting self
in the foot then doing a run. After my 10 mins of hell my
teacher that was good Sophie next time talk slower. But I
got it done none the less she told ever one take out the
new txt book and start reading then realise I left mine in
my bookcase at home felt like a real idiot for doing that.
I was told I could go and share with amber so I sat next to
amber and look on well I could see much but I ready read it
wrote my self little footnotes over holidays about it.
After the bell rang it was recess so I went to my local and
took out my 2nd bag head for the sick bay room to give the
nurse my next week supplies. She not a bad person always
wanting to talk to people who need her attention and I we
talk for 5 mins and head to eat my apple. After that I had
maths witch I have do grade 10.So when I enter the
classroom I am like the oldest in class and I feel stupid.
Well me and numbers are like water to cat (don’t mix em).
Mr Arnott I had for maths for the last years and I think he
gets a joy making me look like a fool. Always ask me solve
a problem by going up to blackboard when I get it wrong he
make me try it again. Till I get wrong the 3rd time then he
would ask me stand and watch him explain it to me asking me
do next one. Well after double class Maths and English the
time is lunch time so off I go to sick bay to catheterised
my self so I wont have any big accidence.

Art is one my favourite class I do at school. Well it’s
not called art but studio arts and their graphics witch I
enjoy as well. I took out my visual diary (sketch book) and
showed my teacher what I what my idea was (geisha). She
thought it was nice idea and ask what medium I was going to
use. I felt as soon as class start it end as quick. After
class mum call me on mobile to tell me she be picking me up
and we going to grans and pops I told I had quickly drop
book off before I make it to car she said it was cool.

When we got to grans and pops there faces light up like x
mas tree and grandfather said to me came in see what he
been working on. My grandfather is quite the handy man
because he made me my desk and my drawing table and now he
working on a light box for me. I look at his chair he made
what can be fold down and reform into like a desk. I told
it was way neat I could tell he was exited about that. I
see were I creativity from because rest of my family are
boring when it comes to art. After a bit I went back inside
to see my gran ma and she and mum was talking about the
garden and how lovely her roses look. my gran ma gave me
glass of warm milk, and told me to drink it all, because
this is all I was going to get before dinner dint want
spoil appetite. And we talk about what I been up to in
school. This is only time my mum will take a interested in
my art work mum was like get out pretty drawing you do
honey show granny. So I sit at table let em look at em
listen to my gran ma ask me what good drawer I am and can
make money selling some them down at local craft market.
After that I went showed my grandfather because I feel we
share communion link. I showed him and I can tell by his
face he was very much impressed with em then he flick on tv
and told me sit on his knee watch TV. My mum hates when I
sit on his scared I am going hurt his legs. But I love his
answer he pat me on back say “she my little angel”. My
grandfather and I like discovery channel or history channel
because they have some neat stuff on it. I went into the
bathroom and started to remove my liner, when mother knock
on door to tell me gran has cook us dinner we staying.
Witch wasn’t bad we do this once a week sometimes my
brothers came and dad but mostly its mum and me. I came
into dinning room were I was told sit next to grandfather
witch I don’t mind. I was then given another glass of warm
milk with little hint of flavour. I like my gran’s warm
milk I find no one can do it the same. Anyway we had roast
pork and I sure my brothers and dad will have pizza. So I
can rade fridge when get home take few slices. Any way
after roast pork my gran make a very yummy breed and
butter pudding witch is die for. We sat at table talking
about stuff when I told mum has go to toilet and
catheterise my self. When I got done I hear my mum talking
to grandparents about why the doctors can’t do any thing
and that I refuse to wear a permeant catheter in. When they
notice me my grandfather will smile and make a silly joke
and ask when can I came over spend the weekend with em. I
smile said one these weekend. shortly after mum and I say
good bye and say see next week on way back in car mum told
me that worry about me a lot because girl my age shouldn’t
be in content I said to mum this is life and learn to deal
with it. But any way I am very much lucky to be alive
because what I went throw in my past. when Good Friday
appear on TV I always send in some money because they save
my life 2 times in one life
People may say they understand what life is all about but
its when one day you wake up and cant move in bed is the
most scary thing one can every wake to. Life is shop with
many doors you open one door and it close after you enter
store for me life is tricky at times for me and I don’t mix
well with large group of people but I can happy to say I am
living my life the way i want.

20th April 2004 08:01am (This post is published)


I can't bitch too much i did my homework.I did the math,
and the results are even scarier than seeing my self befor
i fully wake.i did just finish my physics homework though,
woot! now i just need to relax terror, and inadequacy when
it comes to my classes I can't fathom a guess why I can't
control my fingers, I can't control my brain but I found
myself tonight actually while applying my eye drops after
i read my homework.free time (finally!!!), so I did a
decent amount of drawing in my sketchbook One of my
favorite class is studio arts.thinking of makeing this into
a panting.

with japanese calligraphy in background.

any way have a nice day

20th April 2004 12:33am (This post is published)


I guess I'm glad to have a brother with special needs. It
has opened my eyes to a world of people I never would have
known about .my brother was born with a birth defect called
cerebral palsy.he atends a special school.he was born 3
months early and was only 2lbs i know it had to be
frustrating for my parents.I am still learning about
cerebral palsy,He is 12 years old and his name is Matthew.
There are many different effects of Cerebral palsy.he can
still do a lot. We sometimes will go outside
together.hecannot talk that well, but I teach him to say
different words (trying to). There are many different
effects of Cerebral palsy. Matthew can not walk, see or
talk he can think, but we don’t know how much he knows.

Every morning when I come downstairs he is eating
breakfast. He won’t take a bite till I say something
because he wants to know who it is. When we talk he knows
who we are just from hearing our voice.he is totally
dependent on someone to take care of all his needs so look
like its me today till mum and dad get in from work that is
then its home work .It's fun to listen to the different
sounds Matthew makes he learns new sounds everyday.I like
to visit Matthew school because they treat my bother like
he's a part of the family. It doesn't even seem like a
school because he has so much fun and they keep him busy.

19th April 2004 11:30pm (This post is published)


Once Upon A Blog... ..there was a lonely little girl trying
to make it in
this big, big world... ... It is such a cold, icky day.
Rainy. Foggy today.I'm one of those people who reads so
many different things in different places, I can never
remember sources. The other day I was reading an article
about emails and spam and such. Having a fairly new email
address, I've been surprised at how soon spam finds it. so
lazy about getting up in the morning had planned on
sleeping late today, but mum woke me up early for telling
me i mite miss the 8:35 bus GrrrrrrMy english teacher is
out of her mind if she thinks that I am capable of og
giveing a talk about last school txt we read last term are
english Literature class sucks because the books we study
so —ÞŒ^“I(shit) .last year i read Memories of Geisha witch
lovedits about the historical backdrop of the Geisha life
in Japan in the early 1900's was write by Arthur Golden's i
loved it so much so no iam reading anthor book on Geisha's.

This is what iam reading now i give you a review when i
finsh.any way i be back later

19th April 2004 08:16am (This post is published)


`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
(_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-'
_..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,'
(((' (((-((('' ((((

The "Deal" with dad about me studying is i do it after
dinner as well as care of my chores .I finally got
through my homework tonight witch was good.Today when i
came infrom school mum was coming from the supermarket.I
was very disappointed today, and sat watching TV for
another half hour hopeing the noise and moving images would
help escape in a new world so when older brother sat down
told me he want to watch great out doors.so that when i did
my homework.then my mum ask me take my skirt off because
she dint want to ironed for tomorow it.After a while it was
8pm time i had go sit self on the toilet and inserted the
catheter then when done go started the water in the
shower.I stepped into the warm shower and let the warm
water just cascade over me.i put on my blue pajamas with
that Just need to get it online now." And with that he
clicked on Internet Explorer and surf some sites and do
some chating

19th April 2004 01:43am (This post is published)


Jet Li is so cute... sends him a big-fat smooch such a
hottie, don’t you think is sooooooooo amazing. jet li is
pretty awesome on the big screen, his fights showing
why ... He’s so fluid and elegant, yet so powerful in ...
romance here blossoming that is very cute and adorable.

so yummy any way

I love Aikido, and think that Tai Chi is wonderful.
However, are they good self-defense arts, in my opinion
Because Aikido techniques are powerful and can be dangerous
(particularly during the learning process), Aikido is
learned in a special environment designed to provide for
the safety of all of the participants.

The dojo is much more than a room with a mat and a picture
of O'Sensei on the wall. The dojo is an environment where
people can learn Aikido safely. In order for this learning
to take place, and to take place safely, a certain attitude
is required on the mat in order to participate in Aikido

you need to focus your attention on the demonstration with
the intent of learning all that can be learned from it. you
must watch not only the hand motions necessary for the
technique, but also the foot positions. one thing will also
be aware of the hip motions of the instructor demonstrating
the technique. Part of what you will learn in Aikido is how
to see and observe, but nobody can do it for you. You need
to be able to see and remember and reproduce what you have
seen with your own body in order to move forward in the
study of Aikido its a involve a physical workout what good
to keep fit.if you don't train, you don't learn It makes me
feel good to have this kind of strength all I can say is
I'm learning

19th April 2004 12:40am (This post is published)


I go to a regional school, which is a fancy way of saying
that it's a sort
of combined Junior and Senior High School felt like Kwai
Chang Caine (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues aka David
Carradine)boy i loved that show.I went through the building
and found myself starting a new term today The only thing
that really sucks about being back at school.I had I ate
breakfast quickly because i had a late night.But when I
came to school I just went to class, Gym was a double
length class so they just had one more class to attend.gym
pretty normal gym class we went through a normal set of
warm-up exercises Ms. Sherwoodi felt always had thing agest
me why do you ask she always ask me come to her office
after class.iam not very athletic well that was last class
was over i came home

18th April 2004 11:24am (This post is published)


At 10:20 I was awoken by the doorbell. I thought maybe
there was a package or something exciting so I went
downstairs in just my pjs and no shoes. And standing there
were two black people all dressed up and I'm like hrm this
is strange. Then they say they are Jehovah's Witness and
I'm like eek! So I interrupt and say no thanks and run back
upstairs. That was first encounter with them and hopefully
the last! At 10:20 I was awoken by the doorbell. I thought
maybe there was a package or something exciting so I went
downstairs in just my pjs and no shoes. And standing there
were two black people all dressed up and I'm like hrm this
is strange. Then they say they are Jehovah's Witness and
I'm like eek! So I interrupt and say no thanks and run back
upstairs. That was first encounter with them and hopefully
the last!.I love just sitting around with JP in my PJs
watching dumb shows on tv.My mum yelled at me again she
treats me like a little girl.she brought me a new cotton
light blue summer dress witch front-buttoned had about
twelve buttons on the dress.any way that my day well most
of it

17th April 2004 12:25am (This post is published)


Let me detail my day yesterday. Stay in bed until
noon. Go to breakfast until one. Take a nap until
five. When I did wake up at five, my first thought was
that I had wasted the entire day. But I suppose that I
needed the break. I have been pushing myself too hard and
that is why I have not been getting better.

Today was a very weird weather day. It was rainy and very
windy and unseasonably warm I stayed up too late two nights
in a row and I woke up feeling like I had been in a car
accident. still feeling tired early today. However, i was
able to get some more liquids down the rash has not seemed
to get any better in the past several days.That was three
hours of sitting and I could not concentrate worth spit.I
was again not hungry for dinner (this is starting to worry
me) The missing bear arrived today and in perfect shape
(although stuffed into a box that was a bit too small for
it so i was happy well talk later all

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