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2004-04-27 12:33:50 (UTC)

14th April 2004

It's extremely hot today...we're having another heat wave.
I've used up my two pairs of cutoff shorts. I have this
little overall-shorts thing I got at Clothestime. It's
cute, it's got this sunflower design on it. Hum. Or I could
dig around for old pants to make more cutoffs from. What
luxury! It's normally never this hot which is why I have
only three shorts things.I spent the day lazing around the
pool again with my friend! I went to the pool with my
friend because I had nothing else to do today.I looked in
the mirror today and saw this tired old bag what i have
used for years as a book bag and friends has coverd it in
messages.About the sexy mysterious look, I just don't think
it'll ever happen. I have suffered a bit. I've dealt with
death and other painful things and I have a cute scar in
the middle of my tummy.Ya know, I like scars too. Hmmm, I
think I like war stories too. But not all of them. I think
tales of suffering are good from a psychological aspect.
It's inspiring to see the mental growth.Yeah, that's it, I
have strong calves, not big calves! Seriously though, I
have no issues with my calves. I like 'em fine the way they
are. It's just so annoying to only be able to fit in
stretch boots. Anyhow...back on topic after the pool I got
my boots! They're almost up to my knee with a slightly
chunky heel, about 2 inches high. They're synthetic and
stretchy so no zip (my calves are too big for zip-up boots
anyway; what's up with that? I do NOT have big calves).
They're lined a bit and they're a nice deep brown. Perfect!
I got size 7 1/2 because they had no more 7's. I also got 5
panties (they were 5 for $15). I needed new ones and these
were just too cute. Oh and I got a short corduroy
skirt .going to a club with some of my friends on friday
night.I wore boy’s pajamas to bed, and the next morning my
mother ask me why i wearing em.i have a pink shirt, i've
never wore it before, my mum bought it ... Ok, I looks
terrible in pink(especially pink panties) I think my mum
thinks panties with little pink hearts on em are cute i
wish she stop buying em for me put em in my draw.I have
lovely emerald green satin with black lace trim bra and
panties is a set my mum thought it was bit Kinky and told
me i should wear panties with little pink hearts now they
are not Kinky but lace panties are taboo..*Sigh* Christmas
is over and Santa didn't bring the leather skirt.I stopped
in another 2nd hand shop and found a cute little J. Crew
plaid miniskirt . Total cost for for was less than 3
dollars. I *love* 2nd hand stores.oh well that was my day

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