2004-04-27 12:32:54 (UTC)


I am really in a crusty, grumpy mood. I hate it when I get
out of the dam and the sun on a blistering hot day and I
towel off, and then go in the house and freeze because of
the air conditioning. I have been really suffering
recently from lack of sleep. I go 2 sleep and cant get off
2 sleep until really early in the morning. haveing a
rooster is not a good thing the damn thing woke me up every
morning with cock-a-dooling. I had been jumping from chat
room to chat room getting more and more depressed with the
deadbeats I was finding. Trouble was, surfing like this,
trying to find some intelligent life out there.

13th April 2004 12:18am (This post is published)


Today I woke early in the morning because I had a weekly
class, well not really a class more socialise with some
fellow artist people. Any way one was telling me about
this new way on net about online Journal’s(blogs) .So I
thought I give it a try and thought be something fun to
try. I have always keep Diary But always had worry about my
parents reading it and using the contents of it ageist me
when they want to know what I been up to.

I suppose my mum worry to much about me because I enjoy the
more simple things in life and not being someone who talk
about what she feels and dose so I figure this way they
worry about me. Last night had late night like useal spent
it surfing to the net on amazon.com Looking at all the
books and reading the reviews on some of the books I probly
get my local bookstore to order in for me. Right now I am
read a book called the colour of night , witch is about a
two couples and how they swap partners for a little
excitement .Any way the book I pick up today from book
store today was one them How to draw manga ,it’s was the
costume one I been waiting for a long time to came out now
I finely got my copy to look throw. Like always my mum ask
me always she ask me why do I buy so many books and should
go to pubic library and lend the books. But for me that is
silly because I like to have my own copy. I get very
excited when I enter a second hand shop and go looking at
there books the one what close to me knows me and set any
drawing or photography or art books a side for me and give
me call.

For breakfast today I had some juice and cereaI ate all my
breakfast. I didn’t

like the cornflakes, but were good for me and would help me
to poop.l just some days when I wake I feel not like eating
so glass juice for me work wounders yeah little heath nut
but I like to keep regular heheh. My room is our family
basement witch is large and work out good for me because
it’s my studio and my bedroom and my bed is old bed what my
dad got me when he went to Clarence sale of some farm went
belly up. It’s a old hospital bed what my father paint pink
its has wheels so I can easy move it around the place to
any were I like in my room. I wish I could put a lock on my
door because my brothers at times came down here and put
some of there own crap down here because they think
basement should be use as one but I hate that. The stairs
lead to the kitchen and I can always smell what cooking or
hear what people talking about one draw backs is my room
always smells of what we had for dinner so I keep a window
open so can smell to go out. My pet cat is not outdoor cat
she always stay down here most of the time because she lazy
to climb the stairs I usely know when my mum been in my
room because the door left open and the cat is outside
sitting on back door. And wants back in.

Life always seemed easy when living in country town were
your local doctor delver you into world. I really hate
seeing doctors because I just seemed when I see em always
have get into the gown. Always checking my ears, nose and
throat, and then your breathing. The worst thing I had was
when my mum took to see him and had get check up because I
was growing into a young lady I felt so bad still to this
day I hate the breast exam to me that felt so wrong and I
told my mum and was told I was over stressing . I once had
go see him because of a rash I had on my bottom because
when I sat down it hurt when I saw him he was like a real
prick this why I I hardly ever go to a doctor because
having a 60 year old man torching you and putting things in
ya ears and throat and saying arh. My mum says to her
friend’s iam shy but I disagree iam more I don’t let people
walk over me and tell me what to do. Any way little things
in life keep me happy and knowing I am own boss make me
feel good about my self well I better stop the chit chat
and now I off to some chatting on yahoo peace all


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