Yes this is my kool diary!
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2004-04-27 06:13:54 (UTC)

OMG what a crazy night!

On saturday night hallie and denise came over and we
decided to go to Aaron;s house I wish i never went over
there. We played poker and got so drunk I was so wasted i
could hardly walk then ron called me on my Cell phone he is
so jeauols of aaron So i told him I was at sabrinas
boyfriends house he asked for directions and i gave the
phone to Aaron it was like 2 am Aaron gave him some fake
directions so he was driving all over the place he saterted
crying he was like omg connie please tell me where you are
I kept saying i was at sabrinas boyfriends house he was
like connie please let me come get you at this time i was
falling over the place I could not even walk! Ron was
thinking i was cheating on him but I did not cheat i Just
wanted tog o out and have fun aaron has the ultimte party
basement It has a fully stocked wet bar with poker
table,black jack table dance floor it is awsome Ron is
jeaulous of aaron becuase he is rich. and he drives a
viper. anyway i finally got home at 4 am and ron was in my
house waiting on me we talked til 7 am then he had to go to
work. I was so hung over. Damn taht was crazy!

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