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2004-04-27 04:03:47 (UTC)


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of
those who love Him, who have been called according to His
purpose”. This scripture from the book of Romans has caught
my attention to write my personal testimony on how God came
into my life and how He performs great deeds in my

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in a regular
state on June 1998. I have noticed that the impact was not
that intense. However, I eventually realized that God made
certain ways through the works of the Holy Spirit in order
for me to receive Him as my Lord and Savior and to have the
desire to know Him increasingly.

I grew up in a family that is a practicing Catholic and
since birth, I already know whom Jesus Christ is, He is the
Son of God the Father. I also know about the Holy Trinity
as one, a few “saints”, and so about the Virgin Mary.
However, I really do not know the real meaning of salvation
then. Before, for me salvation can be achieved if you do
good works to other people and you should not sin. That is
why, I was very careful in whatever I do.

Our family is just an ordinary one in our community and
during my first few years in college, life for me seems so
hard that I need to work hard in order to support my
studies since my parents cannot afford to do so. Therefore,
I go to the university in the morning and work in a fast-
food chain restaurant at night. That work was so hard that
it is tiring and I almost cry every night why I have to
experience such hardships in life. Nevertheless, I always
pray and thank God, for the strength He is giving me.

I also used to pray the “rosary” and pray to those images
that you see in a church in the past. Then, I recognized
that what I’m doing is such a non sense since those images
doesn’t speak to me at all. I can’t hear or feel anything
when I’m praying to them. It is as if the Holy Spirit has
prompted me into such idea. So I decided to just close my
eyes when praying. Upon doing it, I felt strange and can
suddenly feel the presence of God. I then recall the verse
that we used to memorize during elementary days, which can
be read in John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way, the
truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except
through me…”

From then on, I always pray with closed eyes and never
speak to those images anymore. Well…I continued to attend
masses but I was there just for the sake of listening to
the priest’s homily or sermon. Until one day, my college
friend invited me to join their Sunday Worship Service.
After the preaching of the Pastor, I received the Lord
Jesus Christ in my heart. I have learned the true meaning
of salvation, which is accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord
and Savior. It is not enough that we just know whom Jesus
Christ is, it is also important that we receive and accept
Him just like a gift from God as our Lord and Savior.

After that, I have come to realize that what the “others”
are doing is a form of idolatry. My NIV Bible Index
define “idolatry” as to worship to the Lord by means of
idols of wood or metal. When I learned about that, I thank
the Lord for sending me His Holy Spirit that made me
realize about these things.

After that very first Sunday service, my walk for the Lord
steadfastly increased. I continued to attend church
services and the urge to share the good news about Jesus
Christ and about salvation to everybody become the very
desire of my heart. This one unforgettable experience
changed my outlook about life and everything becomes
lighter deep inside now. This is because I already have
Jesus Christ in my heart who is always there for me all the
time. That is the time when my acceptance to the Lord
Jesus Christ became very strong and intimate. Truly, in all
things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who
have been called according to His purpose. :) -

11:30 am