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2004-04-27 01:11:04 (UTC)


I went ot a party the other night and got to see many old
freinds and a few old enemies. The adrenaline got going,
but nothing came from it. It was a downer. I miss pummeling
with friends and I rarely get the pleasure of pummeling
people that I would just love to kick the everloving shit
out of. There are four people that I was fortunate enough
to get closer to. One was a dude that likes a girl that I
used to like, and we came to better terms. He is cool. Then
there are two girls that I got to make better aquaintances.
One of them made a wonderful deal that we will both enjoy
very much if current circumstances ever change. Than there
are the couple that I've known, but now we have each others
backs. I love my friends.

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