goddess of imaginary light
2004-04-26 23:20:35 (UTC)

all i want to do is sleep

"this is the noise that keeps me awake,
my head explodes and my body aches" ~ garbage

so the semester is winding down
ive got to register on thursday, then
finals start...ugh thats gonna suck
especially considering i never go to classes
but i have high hopes for half of my classes

i plan to try and move into my house this weekend
maybe not completely...just keep some necessities here
and such...

oh! the university wrote me a letter and
now i have to go in and talk about my
"alcoholic problems"
what bull shit...i mean im already dealing with the courts
and have started community service...
i already have 22hrs done!!

who good thing ist hat ive found a guy to go
after! names, but hes definitly my type
in looks, style..choice of music
(meaning he shouldve been born in a past decade)
hes a shy guy though...god its always my luck to like those
they never realize whats goin on!
all i can do is work a little magic and see what happens :)

im hungry!!!