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2004-04-26 22:56:26 (UTC)

Quiet Day

Another quiet day for me. In the morning I did my shopping,
errands and household tasks. I delievered a half-dozen quilt
show posters to different places around town and asked if
they would put them up. All agreed. It's nice living in a
small town.

While I was in Albany, doing my grocery shopping, I stopped
at the fabric store and I bought a big spool of quilting
thread as I'm almost out and while I was at there I also
bought a couple of spools of red, white and blue grosgrain
ribbon. I'm thinking of adding a little bow to each of the
red, white and blue baby hats I knit.

My errands and household chores were done by noon so the
rest of the afternoon I devoted to quilting and knitting. My
yarn came in the mail at last so I've been swatching and
planning on best to use it and I finished another row on the
star quilt. There's no way that it'll be done in time for
the quilt show but I have stacks of quilt tops to finish and
I'll never finish them in my lifetime if I don't push myself
a bit.