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2004-04-26 17:58:00 (UTC)

Ode to Jaques...

I meant to do this the other day. That usually happens with
entries, and before long, they are no longer feasible due
to time laws. But this has got to be written.

Jaques Martin - the portrait of man who makes a living in a
world build on greed, corruption, deciet, and exploitation
and still beams with aura of integrity, wholesomeness, and
class. His time to depart had come, it's the nature of the
beast, but WE (geographically speaking) are all much better
people for having had such an indivdual do what he did, not
only in his defined role, but for transcending that. A
truely stablizing, instrumental, key, and great pillar of
the community.

The phrase, "your reputation preceeds you" gets thrown
around a lot these days, but Jaques is a man, not only
deserving of the phrase*, but is deserving of a golden
plaque garnering that phrase in big black letters on his
desk. Good Luck in your future
endeavours coach.

* 'Yous' and 'yours' replaced by 'mes' and 'mys' for

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