Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-04-26 15:26:09 (UTC)

recording day 1

one day down and 9 songs with the drums done
we went in to do 7 songs and had enough time to add 2 more
which I think will be good we will either add them as bonus
tracks or as b-sides on a single or...who knows?
I am so excited about everything
the atmosphere in the studio is almost the best I have ever
And things ran so much more smoothly than ever before
I was so glad that all the other guys came to and shared
their input(I even enjoyed playing b-ball in between)
I hope that everyone remains excited and vocal
in 5 more weeks we should have an amazing album
other than that my weekend included
a party ( i need to get over being so self-concience and
just meet people), work, a haircut, and a movie
ok now must work
CD - Self / Gismodgery - One of the most innovative albums
ever (he recorded the whole album with toys and toy
Book - yeah right I am not reading right now I have no time
Movie - Kill Bill - amazing I loved it