Umm my diary
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2004-04-26 12:46:48 (UTC)

what a day!

SUNDAY~*~*~ hmm well it all started after me and gabs
decided to go for a walk at the beach. It was about 11 o
clock, we called Jordan to ask him how we get there.. he
was like what u dont know how to get to teh beach.. i was
like umm maybe.. so anywsy we get to the beach adn we
start walking.. i ask Gabby feor my keys.. she was liek
umm i dont have them i was like yes u do cuz neither do
i .. she thought i was jk but i WASNT!! so we go back to
the car and i didnt see that they werei nteh ignition..
thne it struck me i had put them in my purse and put my
pusre under kneath the seat! I had locked my keys in the
car!! so we called Jordan to see waht to do hecouldnt come
and get us because his car was broken adn his parents
wernt home.. so he was like call the st. joe cops so we
did and noone answered there so we kpet trying and we kept
callin jordan.. he said to waslk to the police station but
it was me adn i HAD no CLUE where that was.. so we walked
to this gas station adn aske dthe lady where it was .. she
was liek umm across the street.i had told her we locked
the keys in the car.well the guy that was in front of us
came back adn waslike wher did u leaeve ur car at he was
from the sheriifss dept.i kept teling Gabs i was like how
many otehr peole do u think are as stupid as us to lave
the keys in the car...she was like alot.. wellas we wher
leaving the gas station we heard this lady say that
soemone closed her car door adn it was running and the
doors atuomatically [email protected] she was locked out too!! well
then st.cops finnaly came and his naem was paul and he was
tryign to unlock her door but couldnt get it very well..
then anothe rcop shjould up adn he was so CUTE!! and he
was like girls do u wanna ride down to ur car..we where
like umm YEAH! so we got to ride in a cop car with a
relaly cute cop!! it was soo MUCH FUN!! hehe..well he got
it down in bout a min so then we left and went over to
Jordans.. we told him to get readu adn we would eb back
for him im bout 30 minss.. well we wnet and picked him up
adn we didnt have anythign to do so we went back to my
house and gabby decided to leave.. well i got a call form
her bout half hour layter she had gotten lost adn gone
through 3 stop signs hehe.. but anywasy i tool a nap and
then we went to Jordnas we watchedparts of master and
commandr butididnt really like it so insteadt we jumped on
teh trapmoline with regan.. well i got hurt on it..hehe im
such a clutz but what i did id hit my arm rely hard on
regans knee it hurt so bad and rite now it got a lump adn
i duno if its broke are sprainded but it hurts and this is
the arm i alredy broke and had surgery on.. so lets hope
its ok... well i finally came home adn i was so TIRED! so
i finihed the rest of noting hill adn went to bed... what
a fun day!! now its monday mornign and I cant sleep so i
decied to write in it from yesterday but no wi must go. bye

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