Random Days
2004-04-26 05:49:28 (UTC)

April 25/2004


I like speaking in codes, so therefore I thought I'd let
you know that I'd written another diary entry by using my
MSN name.

On the off chance you don't see how the name "Nikola"
relates to you, type it into google and see what comes up.

SO... ------

What to write? I kinda informed you of my day, and there's
not really much more to say. Yep.

I was busy, I accomplished a lot, and I feel good about
it. I'm going to try and do as much tomorrow and the next
day (as I'm not working) as it just makes me feel good
about a day (in general)

On top of that, I talked to you today! You're so busy with
your shane (AS YOU SHOULD BE) that you're not online much,
so I thought it was cool that I was able to talk with you
at least a little bit today and know how you were doing,
etc, etc.

OH. Important:

My computer might be gone THIS friday. Sarah (the girl I'm
selling it to) and her husband are coming to take a look at
it on friday, and they might take it then. Who knows
though. We'll see I suppose.

I guess the point I'm trying to get at in that last
paragraph is that soon I will be computerless. The time is
coming for me to once again enter the void of non-
computerance. Well, not so much "non" computerance,
as "very limited."

I'm going to try and get onto the laptop to send you an
email once a day, and I'll try to post in here daily (if
possible). I definitely won't be on MSN anymore though, so
we'll have to live around that, and learn to use the phone
I suppose.

Anyways, I think that's all that is
new/exciting/fresh/clean for you today, so I'm just going
to close this worthless entry with the usual.


Man, I really am a:
sexy beast. (Ben Kingsley is my GOD)

Rock, Paper,:
Scissors. Trust me.

Listening to:
The faint sounds of anger through the wall.mp3

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