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2004-04-26 02:47:10 (UTC)

Today was amazing!

today was awesome! ok, i had a job interview for the
florence freedom baseball park, and it went really well.
the guy asked me if there were any more "smiling people as
nice as me that went to ryle" and i said "no, im the only
one!" lol, and he talked like as if i will get the job, but
i wont know for sure until 3 weeks! ah i can't wait! ok,
and then after the interview i hauled butt over to work and
i worked 2 to close. i had fun, we were kinda busy but i
worked with natilie and stef and we had fun, judy didn't
show up until like 6, so i didn't get a chance to talk to
her about my other job, and i dont think im going to until
i know for sure if i have it. ok, after work i went
straight to my aunt rosies house. we were celebrating my
grandma's 70th bday.. but i got ot thinking about it today,
and she doesn't act like she is 70, honestly she acts if
she is about 55, she is so cool! i love her to death. while
there, i played corn hole, and euchre... me and grandma
kicked some major ass! than after that i hung out with my
two cousins ashley and jamie and we talked about stuff,
like guys, and drinking and whats been going on all as we
layed on the trampoline staring up at the sky, lol, than we
went up to ashelys room and gossiped some more. we all
decided we have to hang out, and i told them about
my 'rents going out of town in june, so i told jamie she
could hang out w/ me while their gone. lol, im excited! we
left, well i take that back, my parents left at 9, but i
stayed till 10:30 and had a blast! it was so awesome! lol,
well, im out bc i have to finish packing up some stuff...
we're moving tomorrow! ah im so excited!!! :)

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