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2004-04-26 00:25:13 (UTC)

My love is a rollercoaster now

I don't get it... Astrid has been depressed for so
long now... Like she seems changed. I'm not able to cheer
her up anymore like I used to. :( Man, it dosen't make any
sense! One day, I'm able to bring a smile on her face just
like that! And the next morning, she's shattered in a
million pieces! .....Maybe its just me. What if... I
changed?!! Oh man! This sucks! I have to re-trace my steps,
and find out where I went wrong!!
Or, perhaps the answer is within Astrid herself. This
might take some thinking. I'm sending her a gift soon. I
dunno if its the right thing to do, but I'll do anything if
it brings us back together like we used to be! I miss her
so much! Hey! I can call her too! So that she can hear my
voice again and know that I'm still there for her. She said
that she's been thinking too much. About what I don't know.
But I think I can make her feel better. I HAVE
TO!!! ....Because if I don't... something terrible will
happen to us.
I could never allow that to happen to us! Especially
her! Alright, so... the plan is... I'll put my life on hold
for right now and concentrate all my resources on my love!
Yeah! I think I'm comming closer to the answer I'm looking
for! :) Lately, I've been thinking of her waaaaay more than
I usually do. And up until now, I've lost the pieces of our
relationship puzzle. Ha,ha,ha! Now I just have to put them
back together, and we'll be as one again! ....Woah did what
I just said make any sense at all? lol Oh well, I
understand what I'm doing and I'm on it right away! I'll
write again soon after this blows over. later!