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2004-04-25 23:45:48 (UTC)


hey wuts crackin cuzzin...me jus got bak 4rm the homiez
house!ne who 4 all yall who new bout what happened 2 me 4
the past week...i thought it would b the hardest shit in
the world..but wow its really not! last night it came 2 me
that this is jus a test 4 me,im goin bak & realizing that
this is jus like a video game...u try 2 beat the game but
then u get game over...but now ima try all over & try a new
game..! life goes on right...ne wayz my weekend was kool
last night i went to the movies i saw 6 movies in 1 day
holy shit! lol but i had fun w/ the homie! i called
julian..talked 2 his mom lol she says shes my play mom...&
she called me her daughter in law aaaaw lol...wow! but hes
commin 2 visit 4 two months so guess wut...not goin to
tahoe till later on..hes worth it 100%! wow sorry lil short

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