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2004-04-25 19:45:31 (UTC)

April 24/2004


Yesterday, I was so tired/full after dinner that I
completely forgot to write anything in here. So, this is
yesterday's entry, and I'll write another one tonight for


Interesting day at work yesterday. I walk into the back
room, and a shift supervisor and an employee are arguing.
Walk out to the cafe area again, and about five minutes go
back into the back room where now the shift supervisor is
crying and the assistant manager is talking to her. I then
walk back to the cafe area, and about ten minutes later go
back into the back, where now the employee who was talking
to the shift supervisor is now crying and talking to the
assistant manager.

I started chanting my starbucks mantra at this point:
"The less I know, the happier I am. The less I know, the
happier I am."

The rest of the evening was great fun however. I ended up
with two "Mug Awards" for having a great attitude or
something like that. I didn't really read them.

Starbucks is definitely... uh... dramatic.

YOINKS ------

I've decided to start making myself exerciso again. Even
though it's not for the military, it'll be good for me to
start running everyday again. I'm going to go for a run as
soon as I clean the house today, and I shall enjoy it.
Trust me.

On top of that, I STILL haven't phoned KSS or someplace
about getting a test supervisor so that I can start writing
my math tests (as opposed to just continuing to do the
assignments). I need to get on that tomorrow. I just keep
forgetting (I need a giant post it on my brain.)

And last but not least...

I'm not going to save the money from my computer sale. In
fact, I'm going to do something with it that should've been
taken care of a long time ago. Start paying back my
grandmother for the $1500 loan she gave me about a year
ago. The computer sale can be the first payment there, and
I'll get that paid off as much as possible so it impacts my
ICBC cheque very little.


And I wrote her another letter!

Rejoice. Watch the mailbox.


Having a:
Very productive day.

Wishing I:
Was on a tropical beach, with a fruity alcoholic beverage
and no cares in the world.

Listening to:
The aniticipation of constant bitching.mp3