2004-04-25 17:52:58 (UTC)

Bless Me!!!!!

God, 5 more days I will die because I have to take the SAT,
I'm so afraid. I have study for a long time, I studied very
very hard; but still, my practice score were so low, one
was 850 and the other was 870. The minimum score is 1100,
AH.....I don't know what to do, I'm so afraid. I don't want
to fail the test, I don't even want to take it again next
year, that's enough for me. I have no more support to do it.

Dad~ I should listen to you, learn vocab. when I have
nothing to do beside play or watch TV. Now, I don't have
enough vocab. to do the test, I'm going to fail, I deserve
it.......I deserve it! I hate myself, I can do nothing, I'm
useless. Why I don't listen to you. The only thing I know
was play and not study. I only know to play, I know nothing
else............ I'm sorry, Dad, I should listen to you....

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