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2004-04-25 14:52:40 (UTC)

The Devil came to visit me

It has been a crazy week. Im so glad its sunday and a
start of a new week..
Im not kidding when I say its been a crazy week. I quit
school this week.
Yeah, did ya hear me?! I quit medical school with only a
year to go.
Its fine though. I just dont think thats what I wanted to
do with my life, ya know? I decided this on thursday
afternoon after I finished presenting a presentation I
worked sooo hard on for my case study. I worked my ass off
on that thing. So I got up infront of the class, presented
infront of my classmates and doctors and instructors.. I
did a good job too if you ask me being as nervous as I
So anyway, I finished and one more person did a lecture and
we were done for the day.. except the instructor got up
infront of the class because she had a few words to say.
Thats when my life fell apart.
She singled me out infront of all these people and said I
did a bad job and that I havent improved any from last
year. She said I was stupid.. she went on and on and then
at one point I couldnt even look at her anymore. If my
leggs werent jello I would have walked out. She had the
freaking nerve to say "look at me alyssa, oh, and smile!"
Fucking bitch. I had tears in my eyes and I was so
humiliated. I got home that day and I cried for what must
have been forever. Damn, I had practically a 4.0 gpa and
was on the deans list. People were calling me at 2 am and
asking me to help them with their homework. And that bitch
has the NERVE to say the things she said. I have never
hated anyone as much in my life, ever.
I made an agreement with the other instructor that I would
take my finals and finish this semester, but I gave him my
resignation. I knew this would be hard financially,
emotionally, and mentally.. but I never knew it would
insult my integrity. They can take a lot from me but they
will never take my soul. I fucking quit.

So this closes another chapter in my life.. I think im
going to finish out my education with a nice, soft, quiet
business job. Maybe accounting. Theres no blood in