goddess of imaginary light
2004-04-25 09:43:21 (UTC)

passions of pain

i hate the way you look at me
the way you stare with piercing eyes
i hate the way you seem to be the bearer
of that i despise
you push and pull to get to me
you care not what tears
ive cried

i hate the times you badgered me
to be fair, to love, and be true
but all i see is the hate i feel
whenever i look at you

i hate the way i thought i loved
what never was fit for me
i hate how i cared so much
why my thoughts were never free

you took all i had to give,
you suffocated and destroyed
i wish we had never been
i never saw youre beautiful lies
the web youve cast is withering,
burnt from bitter tears ive cried

ill move on from this wretched past,
from the pain, the blood, the tears
but i hope you suffer from all youve done
see how i died, see how it seared

wallow in the agony
that only you bestowed
know the life you took from me
i pray you drown in all my woe

feel the pain you gave to me
know it and believe
that all the tears i cried for you
are forgotten and released