the entries
2004-04-25 09:32:05 (UTC)

horrid women

horrid girl. took my heart. had me confesing crap. and
crap. things when wrong. i tried to work it out. threw
myself at the wall 4 her. she pushed me away. made it
imposible. i said ok have it your way. im out. ah, un
happy days. i saw her with her x. just yesterday. the day
after. so i aproached. they didnt even have the nerve to
look guilty.
but who fuckin cares! its just some one elses
misfortunes. or luck. depending on how u look at it.
she's realy just a foolish little girl. who aint got her head
on right.

well im in battle of the bands in three weeks. have to
write a movie. i wannah get trashed. got home work
and a game mod to work on. and i cant be half
mothered to do em.
well this is aa shit entry, huh?
see you aroound gernal.... diary. what ever.

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