Kitten's deams
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2004-04-25 08:34:09 (UTC)

Part One, the Sexy Shower

It was a stormy after noon. We were outside when the rain
started. We tried to run back to the house but after a
while we just gave up. I was walking barefoot, not really
too unusual, and had my shoes in one hand. I tipped my
head towards the sky and tried to catch a few raindrops
with my toung. At times like this you don't think about
pollution and acid rain. I grinned at him as we walked

We were walking through a puddle when he decided it would
be a good idea to jump in it. If I wasn't completely
soaked though earlier I was now. I shriked in laughter and
mock rage. He sprinted as I chased him down. He runs
every day and he's a lot faster than me. My dress was
whipping around my legs as I tried to chase him down, but
it simply got heavier with rain as I kept running. He was
waiting at the door when I got up to him. I sat down on
the steps and lay back, trying to catch my breath. I tried
to look at him, but with no success. Word to the wise,
when it's raining you can't really look at anything when
you look up without getting rain in your eyes. I wiped the
rain out of my eyes with my very wet hands. That only
worked slightly better. He laughed.

I shot a glare at him and stuck out my tongue. Then I
jumped up and pounced on him. I heard him grunt as I slung
my arms around him. I peered up at him and shivered. He
seemed to notice for the first time just how cold it was as
he held my hands in his and felt how my hands had turned to
ice. It had barely tuned summer and on a day like this the
rain did not feel too good. He led me inside and to the
bathroom. I dropped my shoes at the door as we passed and
made sure to lock the door behind me. I tiptoed to avoid
getting anything too wet.

He started the water running and straitened up from the
tub, then turned to get a good look at me. I was
shivering, standing on the tile floor. The rainwater
running down my face, off of my hair into my wet clothes.
I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. My mascara was
running a little and I was rather pale. My dress clung to
my curves and I could feel the water in little trails on my
legs. The hem was dripping water and there was a puddle
forming around my feet.

He started towards me and I couldn't help but think that he
was going to kiss me. I smiled as he put his arms around
me. He leaned forward to kiss me and paused a few inches
from my face. I caught my breath. Then I felt him
lowering the zipper on my dress. He grinned as he lowered
the dress over my hips, "I thought you were supposed to
wear underwear when you wear dresses." I giggled a little
bit as he planted a kiss on my lower stomach and I stepped
out of the dress. He dumped the wet dress in the sink and
shove me towards the shower. I, cold and gross as I was,
didn't even bother with the hot water until after I watched
him shed his wet clothes. I couldn't help but get turned
on as I saw him extract himself from his wet t-shirt and
jeans. The flesh revealed made me grin.

He glared at me and hauled me to the shower and pushed me
under the hot water. I let myself relax in the heat for
only a moment before I pulled him towards me and backed
up. He has the worst immune system in the world and I
don't want him getting sick because he's worried about me
being cold. I added shampoo to my hair and watched him
soak up the warmth. I pushed him back and rinsed out my
hair, leting the warm water run down my body, heating up my
breasts. I was glad to feel my hair clean, if tangled. I
looked to find him staring at me while he lathered up his
hair. I moved to him and put my arms around him. I could
feel him getting just a tiny bit excited but I knew he was
trying to control himself.

I reached up and started to play with his hair. He gave me
this look and just stood there, the water running down his
shoulders as I made his hair go into a mowhawk. "Done?" he
asked in his overly patient voice. I giggled and nodded my
head. I love that man. I added conditioner to my hair and
secured it there with a pen. Yes, I keep a pen or
chopstick in the shower. Then I started to lather up. I
balanced one leg on the ledge of the shower and started to
shave. He always rather liked watching me run the razor
along my legs. I have no idea why. After the legs came the
bikini line, and then under the arms. I turned to rinse
myself off. He stood there with the soap and looked at
me. "What?! Can you stop looking at me like that? It
makes me feel funny..." I trailed off as he started to soap
the rest of my body up. I loved feeling his hands on my

I snagged the soap from him and started to get that one
spot on his back that he always wants me to do. I was
behind him and started with his back. Then the shoulders.
I moved up behind him and pressed my own wet soapy body to
his. I kissed him behind the ear. "Hey baby, guess
what?... I love you," I murmured in his ear. I felt him
move against me as I soaped up his stomach. I moved a
little lower and started to play with his hair. I backed
up a step and did his legs and the bottom of his feet. I
love the way he shivers when I run my hands up the inside
of his thigh.

He pulled the soap away from me and pulled the pen out of
my hair. We backed up into the hot spray of water. He
moved towards me and I tilted my head to kiss him. The
water ran down our hair, bodies and faces. It ran in and
out of our mouths as we kissed. I felt the water move
along my lips with his kiss. I tasted the kiss, the clean
water and his particular taste. I smiled as he backed up
and looked at me. I finished rinsing the conditioner out
of my hair as he ran his hands along my back.

As we stepped out of the shower into the steamy bathroom I
could see our faint outlines through the fogged up
mirrors. I smiled as he handed me a towel and I wrung out
me hair it was so nice to be clean. I towel dried my hair
as best I could and did my best to dry the rest of me off.
He swiped his towel along the center of my back, where I’m
always a little bit wet. I usually miss that spot when I
dry off, no matter how hard I try to remember. I pulled
the baby oil off the shelf and wrapped my hair in the
towel, in a futile effort to soak up more of the water my
hair seems to attract. I filled my palm with the oil and
started to run it along my legs. He watched until I told
him to do my back. Then he got his grin on his face that
made me think that it might not have been the best idea to
have asked him that. Oh well. He didn’t try anything. I
let my hair out of the towel and ran it once more across my
body to pick up excess oil.

I love how soft my skin gets. It was glowing from the heat
and the oil made it soft. I turned to look and him and
caught my breath. He looked so good. I clenched my jaw
and ran my eyes over his body. He looked good
naked. “Damm, you are one sexy man,” I said as I picked up
my dress and wrung it out, along with his clothes in the
tub. Then I took our clothes and towels to the dryer. As
I started the dryer I heard music. I smiled. The man knew
what I wanted. I followed the music to his bedroom. The
computer was delivering the desired affects. I licked my
lips as I saw him bent over, messing with a hunk of metal
while there was a naked woman running around his house. He
knew I liked the music.