My Life & My Memories
2004-04-25 08:17:52 (UTC)

Can't get my thoughts straight!!

I have typed a few lines maybe 4 times now and I dont know
how to anymore...I am going off to sleep. My mind is
somewhere else. I just wish I could hear his voice. I just
wish things would be back to normal. I just want him back
with me but I know it is not going to be possible but I
have a hope in my heart that I will. Sigh.

I dont understand myself. Why do I always hope when I know
that it will not work! I cant do this right now. I have
way too much on my mind and I cant get my thoughts right.
I need to sleep. Maybe I should consider taking sleeping
pills on weekends! No, I am not taking any sleeping pills
or any other pills to get rid of anything! I will deal
with it myself!

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