Umm my diary
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2004-04-25 05:52:10 (UTC)

what a great day!

Man what a day!! It was long adn tiring but sooo MUCH FUN!
the only bad thing is i got hurt really bad....well it all
started this smorning...i woke up and i was doing laundry
and i heard the phone ring and i thought it was my gangstaa
so i ran to get the phone adn i ran strait into the wall:(
it hurt so bad! i haev a gash on my hip! but oh well i
survied!then got myself ready adn then i went to
Jordans..we had ro go andget my lil gangstaa Gabby! i luv
heR!so we go and then we come back up her and go visit Cody
at the SUBWAY! we ate there... well tehn we went tothe
beach adn everyone was lookign at me and Gabs cuz we were
in mini skirts heheh...it was cold..so anywsays we were on
the way back and we seen paiges car so we stopped adn i
FINALLY got to meet her! she is soo nice! wll after that we
wnet to go get cody! we decided to go bowling but we had to
wait till 10*30 so we all chilled at my hosue for a lil
bit... me and gabs deciede to dance around on the bed! and
they thought it was funny to stare at us in the window adn
we didt even know they were there staring at us! hhhehe
them crazy kats!!anywasy it was time to go bowling it was
SOO much fun! we did so much better then we thought we
would do! i actually got obver a50hehe,,, well after that
we came and went to taco bell.YUMMY! Jordna drppoed us off
at home and know im here writing in this almost falling
asleep because its 2am! so im off to sleep! goodnite!`~*~*~

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