2004-04-25 04:55:57 (UTC)


to be so close
forces thoughts
of how far the distance truly reaches
through the time it would take
to step up to you
and take the hand i've dreamt of
just last night again

today felt so promising
waiting for the words
or the anything that it would take
to break through the shallow water
we've dug around ourselves for protection
from the unknown source of fear
when everything could be so right

how could you look through me
like a body of liquid
wishing to fall to the bottom
like a naive puddle
waiting to be stepped on and scattered

the same heart races inside
and forces me to look away wordlessly
uneasily trying to look bored
or contemplative
when all i am thinking is how I
dont want to say anything
that would make this moment uncomfortable
between us

between us hangs such a heavy net
to trap our dreams and confidence
so that I know it just feels so nice to sit and listen
and to just rest in this moment
until our eyes connect
and there's too much unresolved
to be aware of
so serious in that second that
the words just stumble and trip themselves up
until whatever made it right all along
just gets lost because of changes that come
with trying to not scare off the other when
it's ok in these things to be scared

you just can't let it keep you from trying
you just can't let the fear make you keep everything inside
because more than likely you won't do a good job of that
and written all over your face will be letters to that
person that tell what you tried to hard to keep hidden
and that causes things to change anyways
so you might at least try to be brave.