forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-04-25 00:45:36 (UTC)

sweet 16

so. yesterday was my 16th brthday. it was cool. although
today sucked. my mom and i had a nice big screaming fight
then my dad decided to get into it. it ended with my saying
f you to the both of them, they didnt hear me, which is
good, and i havent spoke since about 1 this afternoon. heh,
happy 1st day of being 16. whoo...this movie, "almost
famous", it's cool.

oh, and my dad told me last night my brother's ex wife has
served him with more court papers yesterday. well ha ha
screw her he wasnt even home. maybe she'll rot one day. i
think my friend is right when he says bad things come in
3s. only i'm beginning to think it doesnt stop at just
3...atleast last night was fun tho.

now to figre out what to do with the rest of tonight and
then tomorrow. blah.

forever 17