2004-04-24 21:47:57 (UTC)


Oh boredom....you always seem to find me! Anyway, I just
thought I'd hit this thing up. I should be writing but I
don't really feel like it. WELL......I have two weeks
until I can start moving my stuff back to ATLANTA! I'm
very excited about that, but at the same time, I'm kinda
scared too. I mean, I will have to start paying bills.
Like, working will no longer be for the money to be in my
account/pocket.....I will have to fork it over to bills.
HEY! You gotta grow up at some point in life....ya know!
But I know the LORD has a plan for me, so things will work
out accordingly. Lets see what else is going
on......nothing too crazy. I don't know what this thing is
w/ 2shay. I like him.....BUT.....I don't really have a
but. I just know that I have to keep playing this "I don't
care" role because I'm gonna be leaving soon and there is
no guarantee in the whole thing. I'm sure he'll come visit
at first, but I know I'll either find someone else....or
he'll do whatever. He really makes me mad though. He says
I'm playing but he turns around does the same. That just
confuses me. I really don't know what he wants. I met his
definition of "close".....but yet, it seems like he is
wanting more. What? A nigga wanna wife me or something???
I don't know.....I just have a dude's state of mind right
now. Like I've said, I like 'Drae, but I gotta play
the "nigga" in this situation because feelings only
complicate things. Plus, I just don't see myself playing
the girlfriend role. I be on the move too much for that. I
don't see myself considering anyone else's feelings on
anything. I'm too use to doing me and me only! But
whatever on that subject.....it will play itself out.
Well, I need to go buy some house stuff....I'll holla

*Even if you in a BENZ....You still a nigga in a coupe.*