mY sToRy
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2004-04-24 15:59:41 (UTC)

My FrIeNdS aRe So SpEcIaL(PoEm)...

you noob write about me!!! duh

^^lOl ThAtS hArD tO wRiTe AbOUt jUsT oNe PeRsOn, HeRe I
wIlL wRiTe AbOuT aLl My AwEsOmE fRiEnDs, BrOoKe Ur In

My FrIeNdS aRe So SpEcIaL

My friends are so special
And mean so much to me
To get happiness in my life
They are the greatest key

They all are so perfect
In there own little way
I thank God for them
Each and every day

Now Cowie is so unique
She is my everything
She is someone I can talk to
And I can tell her anything

She is just an awesome person
One of the best to be exact
She is one of my best friends
And a good friend at that

She is like my sister
We are so close
We have stuck together
Unlike the most

Well Kelsey is the sweetest
She is always there
If I was scared or worried
She would be the one to care

I have known her for along time
She is a person I can always trust
I just have to be with her
And that’s a must

I can always be myself
When we are together
I can always count on her
And she will never leave my side, never

Randy can always make me smile
Even if I don’t want to
If I didn’t have him
I don’t know what I would do

He is someone special
And I can always turn to him
He will always be there
Even till the very end

I tell him my world
And he knows me inside out
I put so much trust into him
We are great friends, no doubt

Becca is so sweet
And so very kind
She is always happy
And puts creative ideas in my mind

She understands a lot of things
And has been my friend for awhile
If there was a room full of sad faces
She would be the one to proudly smile

If there is nobody listening
If there is nobody to talk to
I will always have her
To tell me "Im here for you"

Natalie is so funny
And together we can be wild
We have so much fun
She is such a crazy child

We have the most inside jokes
Because we always joke around
We can always pull one another up
If one of us is down

She is my shopping buddy
Because we are interested in the same things
While I’m the one dancing
She is the one that loudly sings

Alli is just like me
She is so caring
She is always by my side
Even if I’m daring

She will always support me
No matter what the choice might be
She is such a great friend
And I can tell she loves me

She is such a cool person
Always understanding
Always listening
And always being accepting

Reid is hilarious
And always wants me to be happy
He is one of a kind
And such a good friend to me

He is the excitement in my life
And is so sweet
I love that lil guy
He is a special one to meet

I love his personality
When he is himself
And when I’m with him
I can always be myself

Now Me and Brooke have been through a lot
And our friendship still strongly stands
She so much like me
And she always understands

She has God in her heart
That shows through her smiling face
Now Brooke is someone
That I could never replace

I know I always have her there
And she is the one I can call
If I’m lost or confused
And don’t know what to do at all

I love my friends to death
As you can probably see
They are my life
And mean so much to me

^^wOw ReAlLe LoNg BUt KoOl, i cOuLdNt FiT eVeRyBoDy In
ThErE bUt ThOsE peOpLe Up ThErE aRe ThE bEsT oUt Of AlL,
wElL tHeRe Ya HaV iT bRoOkE 3 lIneS aBoUt YoU, lOl, nOt As
MuCh As I CoUlD wRitE aBoUt YoU BuT i HaD tO Be EvEn WItH
eVrYbOdY, lOl, WElL c Ya lAtUr FoLkS!!