listen to my silences
2004-04-24 14:26:55 (UTC)

moving soon

in three days, in fact. not counting today. i haven't
finished packing yet. i need to wash the dishes and pack
them and throw my hangers in a box. but other than that
i'm pretty much good to go. blah.

i'm not sure what color i'm going to my "room" in the
basement. dad said nothing outrageous like lime green.
okay, i think i can deal with that. i'll probably paint it
a light blue, maybe paint a picture on it or a border or
design like clouds or something. i don't know. but it's
either going to be light blue or white if i do paint it.

i went to jonathon's musical yesterday. dressed up,
actually, with make-up and painted fingernails and
toenails. it was pretty good. other than the bleachers i
enjoyed myself.

i bought tickets today for me and tiff to go see
nickelback, three doors down, and three days grace. it's
for her birthday, but she already knows she's getting
them. i had to make sure it was a concert she'd want to go
to before i bought the tickets. it's on july nineteenth in
ohio. we're going to go up one or two days before and get
a hotel room (in a hotel with a pool of course!) and
explore the city and swim and shop and eat. what more
could we want, right? no guys, no pressing matters, no
mandatory anything, for two to three days. woo hoo! she's
never been to any concert before. it's like i'm
introducing her to life!

she'd never dyed easter eggs before either. so we did that
the other day. i'd never used an oil based kit. and i
never will again. but it was fun. we ended up stuck to
ourselves and everything we touched. and we made a little
egg person. it was so awesome! i'm really going to miss
her when we move out.

well i supposed i should get off of here and get ready for
work or pack or do something useful...

final thought: there's a pain that sleeps inside, it sleeps
with just one eye, and awakens, the moment that you leave...