Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-04-24 10:47:58 (UTC)

opening night

hey ppl. well last night was opening night. it went great.
we made $100 in door fees alone! :-D rilly good. rilly
good. i improved my entire scene. lol i didnt member the
lines good AND the audience wont kno the the only person not in the cast who has
heared the monologue is my mommy. jason was pissed cuz he
waited for rick and it ended up being that rick was in the
audience. rick had just walked right by jason...but since
jason didnt see the he had me and janet
and jason and the arkansas boys (janets 2 friends from
arkansas DUH!) went running around the whole school lookin
for him and then we called steph and found out he was
sitting right next to her. *damn blondes*.
yea but the real fun was when i got home *sarcasm* me and
my dad got into a fight b.c ive been calling cody a lot.
so then i went into my room for 2 hrs and mom fixed
it...then she came into my room and she even said y do you
have to talk to cody all the time...soooo i told her that
w/o cody i might not be here today. i told her that i used
to cut. dont worry im better now...b/c of cody....
and then this morning my dad walked up to me and
apologized. *shocked face* he has never apologized for
anything since i met him..not in person that is...he
always has my mom do it 4 him. but not this time..he came
up apologized to me and then gave me a BIG hug. i think my
mum mighta told him...iono.
well i g2g to the walk a thon. to all you who are
important (you kno who you are) i will call you when i get

Love always,

Nikkie ^.^