2004-04-24 06:29:04 (UTC)

leaving 99

chemistry is so significant
and without it theres staleness
it's underrated as something trivial
but when the heart jumps its a special moment

pat and tom lol back to u.

tom. so i talked to tom for about two seconds.. i dont
know.. if nothing comes of that i wont be surprised.. we
barely say a word anymore it's only walking by and
catching eyes for seconds passing .. and that's ok..

i dont know exactly where i'm going, but i'm moving and if
it's moving on then so be it i dont want to deny wherever
i'm headed.

i'm headed to college too.

along with the rarely written of one.. and pat. tom will
be staying behind. pat could be as close as on another
floor away from me.

we will see what happens and who will enter into my future.

tonight when i and recently when i look in pat's eyes i
just get happy and i dont know.
but i cant because despite his .. lol i dont know..
twinkle and what i feel.. he doesnt. so sometimes that's
hard.. sometimes i think there is something there.. but
ultimately, what i know is that we're good friends and
that's a good thing. so i try to be happy with that u

and i am happy so i guess whatever it is is working.

i dont know what else to put for now. it's late and i'm
tired and the rarely written and pat are talking to me so
i am gonna give them my attention.