Random Days
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2004-04-24 06:07:39 (UTC)

April 23/2004


Today at work was a slamfest of frappuccino fun.
Basically, I don't think I've sold/made more frappuccinos
in my life (yes, I realize that I haven't had that many
opportunities to do so.)

Either way, work was really, really busy, went by really,
really quickly, and I was glad when I finished.

Sarah Topham was the lucky one to break down crying today,
and I actually kinda figured out why. She's stressed
because we were busy get slammed, and that there was no
extra help, nobody extra scheduled, yada yada. Sure, we're
getting wasted, but you know what? You deal with it and
serve people the best you can. No need to create a teary
drama over it.

Man, I wish people would just do what they're paid to do.


Joc Intense Emotional Setting Telephone Tired Curtis

Heh, my sister's getting all weirdy at edgewood
apparently. Curt and I had a little talk about it, and he
says it's most likely just because she's in such an
intensly emotional setting that is causing her to take
everything so seriously. She just gets on the phone with
curt and immediately begins picking fights. He's good
about it though, and realizes that she's doing something
that's very hard.

I don't know what jocelyn's going to be like when she comes
back. I predict two scenarios:

1) She'll come back, be changed for the better and be
completely awesome for about 2 weeks, then go back to

2) She'll come back thinking that she knows EVERYTHING now,
and use her puffed up self-righteous attitude to piss me
off even more.

Yeah, that sounds pessmistic, but hey, pessimism is great,
because if it goes better, you're pleasantly surprised!

God, I'm such a dork.


I'm really happy that you came up last night, and I had a
great time. You've really helped put some things in
perspective for me and force me to start thinking about
some decisions rather than putting them off constantly.

Also, you suck at hangman.

I hope that you enjoy the $9 in gifts I got for you. Yeah,
yeah, it's the thought that counts, but I just don't want
you thinking I'm blowing loads of money on you, especially
when I don't have any.

Also, I was right about the hatred of the cd eh? C'mon,
don't be shy. Tell me you hate it. I know you do. DO NOT


I'm a superhero:
Trust me, my superhero alter ego is "Captain Obvious"

Am I a scholar?:
I suppose so. I got my first assignment back (finally) and
the grade was 100%.

Listening to:
Sister Machine Gun - Smash Your Radio.mp3

(note: the SMG song on your cd is a perfect song to
describe industrial as it stands now. Nobody really
listens to it except the hardcores. Everyone who listens
to it is part of a dead generation (we needed to be around
10-15 years ago when it was booming).