Younique Dezign

My Life My Pain
2004-04-24 02:38:48 (UTC)

Todayz Crap

Well today i got to school and i found my 'friends'
talking crap about me AGAIN. i know its all stupid
highschool shit but i dont think its right. From the
smallest child to the oldest adult is gonna get hurt if
they find the people they put their trust in talking smack
about them. It really hurtys me that it could come to
this. They wrote me a note instead of coming to me and
telling me how they felt. I wrote back telling them if
they have something to say they can come to me and tell me
whats going on. I dont think its right to have something
written for 6 to 7 people instead of all of them speaking
their mind. Later they came to me and told me they were
sorry. I wouldnt let them slide that easy, i told them if
they have something to say say it now. None of them opened
their mouths about it. I just thought to myself "keep calm
and dont hit anyone" as you can tell i have a short fuse
and i was trying to keep cool, but i was about to explode
so i walked away. Later i wrote what i had to say down,
that way i wouldnt get emotional infront of them. I told
them that I didnt appreciate being talked about behind my
back. I told them they were 2 faced, and how they betrayed
me. I told them that i dont deserve to be treated so
badly. All i have ever done to them is be there for them.
Never once have i ever said or done anyting wrong to them.
If pulling up a chair to listen to them talk about whats
bothering them, just to get it off their chest is
something bad then yes i did something horrible multiple
times. I just dont understand. But then again i am not
writing the whole story. I dont think i should though. On
my part that they think was wrong on my part was because i
defend myself. If someone says or does something that
pisses me off or offends me im going to stick up for
myself, whether it be the smallest thing from a dirty look
to someone coming out and insulting me. Im sorry i wont
let people run over me and hurt me. It wont happen and im
not goping to turn into a door mat for anyone. I dont
believe its right. I figure its ok for them to hate me
because if they can turn away a good friend like that then
they arent worth associating with. Ok well this is already
too long, i have to go. Good bye to whoever reads this.

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