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2004-04-23 20:59:17 (UTC)

Tell Me What to Do......

Uh........only one week left for me to study the SAT,
especially the verbal section. Damn it, damn the fuck, why
it so hard; I'm tired and sick of it. What I want is just
go to a good University only, like my sister, Daisy. I do
all the things I can and I tried my best, why it's so hard
to do it. I don't want to start at Nassau Community College
for two years and then go to the University that I want
although it's easy to get in. Because I will learn nothing
useful for my future, it's wasting my time to go in there.
Yea, I know it's good for people like me that don't want to
take the SAT and Tofel to go to college, but........I.....I
really don't know. It's good for my parents that they don't
have to pay too much money each year for me and my sister,
but it's a shame for me to go in (in my own thought).
Actually can't talk about that now because I still have one
more year get toture, no one know what will going to happen
next year, maybe I HAVE TO GO TO THAT SHIT if I don't have
the ability to go to the University I want.

Mom~ when you will come and stay with me??? I'm so alone, I
felt outside was so dark and cold, it's so scary.

Cammy~ Health is very important, you have to take care
yourself ar, ok?

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