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2004-04-23 20:23:45 (UTC)

Don't Forget Birthday Card!

That title line is to remind me to buy one. May 1st is
Jessica's birthday. She likes frilly ones, preferably
pink and with flowers so that's what I'll look for!
There was an email from Owen to tell us his keyboard died.
John has extras so we decided to make our weekly shopping
trip this evening instead of tomorrow. He also wants his
frying pan and a spatula. I'll be giving him a bag of
groceries too. Apparently they finally installed a stove in
his part of the dorm and he says he's sick of the food they
I've been put in charge of publicity for the quilt show so
I'm working on that this afternoon. I've also signed up to
set up the quilts, price and label quilt-related donations
people bring (proceeds go to the church), to be a cashier,
to work in the kitchen, and bake at least seven pies. Let's
see--cherry, apple, blueberry, peach, pecan, blackberry,
rhubarb --those will be to sell by the slice. I'll probably
bake a few extras in foil pie plates to sell as whole pies.
A lot of the elderly men buy those as their wives either
never baked or are tired of doing it after fifty years or
more! Today I'll be sending out thirty postcards to people
who showed quilts last year asking if they're interested in
showing some this year. By Monday I should have the press
releases for the dozen or so newspapers ready to send out.
Now, if I only had some time to quilt!
I talked to Gavin on the phone for quite a while. He's busy
and happy; always nice to hear that.
My yarn still hasn't arrived which has put me on a
standstill for knitting for the military hospital but that's
all right as the weather is supposed to be quite warm this
week-end and not cool down until Monday or Tuesday so I
probably wouldn't want to be knitting anyway. Besides
there's plenty of yardwork and gardening to catch up with!