Ramblings of a Mom
2004-04-23 12:32:42 (UTC)

Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget, in the midst of life and everyday
aggravations, what a good man I have and how awesome he is
as a Dad. Yes, I said as a Dad, not a father, but a Dad.
My older son has a father, but he is an ass. Don't get me
wrong, he tries sometimes, but he still comes back to being
an ass. Case in point, has the child all of 24 hours last
weekend, and spent both days playing softball while Tyler
was left to play on a playground "way far away" with no
sunscreen whatsoever! He has yet to pay for his portion of
any medical bills for him and that is just mounting and
mounting. We have to take him to a psychologist every two
weeks and that is costing me $100 each visit! We had to
order 'graduation' pictures for his kindergarten
graduation, and he tells me, well, tell me what you order
and I'll give you some money. To be honest, I'm tired of
forking money out ahead of time and waiting on him to pay
me back. So I ordered what I thought was right, and screw
him. I ordered extra 5x7's so that his Mom could have one
(that way each grandparent set has one) and extra wallets,
and that is what all of his family will get. Then there is
the yearbook (didn't know they had those in elementary
school) and that was another $15. I considered not
ordering it, but if I order one every year thereafter, I
may as well start now and have a complete set, ya know?
Anyways, it all comes back to him not supporting this child
emotionally or financially.
That brings me back to my husband. He's not always the
most patient of men, and he will readily admit he's not
perfect with this thing called parenting. He's never done
it before. Yesterday my son forgot his folder on the bus.
That meant that we didn't have the report for yesterday to
see or sign (not that he would lie to us about it, he's
generally pretty honest about those kind of things) and he
didn't have his homework to do. I told my husband last
night that for some reason, Tyler takes the folder out of
the backpack on the bus and has it in one hand with his
backpack in the other when he gets off of the bus and comes
to the car. We didn't realize that he didn't have his
folder until we had gotten to the house. I am nursing the
baby this morning and I hear Don talking to Tyler, very
calmly I might add, about making sure that he tells the
teacher that he had left his folder on the bus and that is
why his homework is not done and that he will have it
completed and turned in to her on Monday. Tyler then tells
Don that if he has a good day today, that he could get his
reward tonight (yesterday I didn't let him watch TV, he had
T-ball practice and had forgotten his folder, so I didn't
want him to think that it was just okay) and Don tells him
sure, what reward are you working for? Tyler starts
talking about a party at school tomorrow. Don tells him
how he does not go to school on Saturday but Tyler is
telling him about being able to throw pies at Mr. Mendoza
(one of the assistang principals) at this party. I tell
Don that he is probably talking about tonight's sock hop at
the school. Don had asked me about this earlier in the
week and I had told him that it was not something that I
was interested in going to. I couldn't imagine trying to
manage both Tyler and the baby and doing a 'sock hop' as
well. It just was not my cup of tea. My husband tells
Tyler that depending on what time he gets home from work,
he will see about taking him to the Sock Hop at school. I
am floored and amazed! Not even his real father would have
made that deal. Now there is no guarantee that he will
actually do it, but the fact that he told him, voluntarily,
that he will try, is something within itself.
Quick news about the baby then I must go, my husband's bday
is tomorrow, and I'd like to have this place somewhat
decent before then, tomorrow is going to be a mad rush from
dawn to dusk! The baby is beginning to lose his hair (he
had tons of it when he was born). AND he's trying to sit
up on his own! It's amazing how much they grow in such
little time.
Until tomorrow, or next time, LATER!